Emergency Medicine Clinic of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences invites all medical professionals, nurses and physicians, EMS and medical students to the conference. 

Emergency Medicine department is the place where all the chain elements of the medical system meet – prehospital, all the medical specialties, nursing – they all are here. Teamwork and fast decision making are crucial in the ED. This conference tries to formulate a common approach to Emergency Medicine. During the conference you will learn the newest and most relevant recipes on how to help your patient in case of a trauma, shortness of breath, chest pain, altered mental status. We hope that this conference will change your everyday practice. 

Knowledge and medical recipes will be shared by the best specialists from all around the world – USA, UK, RSA, Switzerland, Denmark. 

Attendants will get the certificates for competencies rising. 

There will be a gala dinner and cultural programme with speakers and guests after the conference. This is an exceptional opportunity to get acquainted with world known emergency physicians, make connections with one another and have a great evening. 

There will be an opportunity to get to know wellness practices on Friday night. We’re interested not only in medicine!

The conference will take place live, there won’t be a possibility to attend online. 

Programme in more detail you can find here: 

For now we have ticket discounts for these groups:

  • For medical students conference tickets cost 35 eur (discount password: studijuojumedicina)
  • For nurses and paramedics conference tickets cost 100 eur (discount password: slaugytojainoriziniu)