University of Health Science

May 22-27, 2022
May 22-24 EM program for the city
May 25 Workshops
May 26,27 Conference

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Emergency medicine is a new specialty in Lithuania. A first generation of EM physicians started to work as independent practitioners in 2018. This community is growing as these young doctors become reliable frontline physicians, researchers, educators, innovators and leaders of emergency departments all over Lithuania.

Lecturers from all over the world are invited to discuss hot topics of emergency medicine and everyone participating will be a great boost of development of emergency medicine here in Lithuania. A good start is a half of a battle.

Come to visit Kaunas – cultural capital of Europe 2022. Let’s learn, grow and celebrate together.

Festival of Emergency Medicine

May 22-24. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Kaunas deserves to know better about EM community. Awareness programs, public forums and teaching about lifesaving skills will take place in attractive places in the city. Read more.

May 25. Wednesday. EM workshop day. In smaller groups we would focus on skill development, teaching in EM, emergency department management and a few other special topics. Read more.

May 26-27. Thursday. Conference day where international EM leaders and local lecturers will discuss hot EM topics including COVID management, major trauma, paediatrics, patient safety and much more. Read more.


Kaunas - cultural capital of Europe 2022

It is an additional spice for the conference. Between EM activities you can surf Kaunas attractions.
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